What You Need to Know About the Wednesday Morning Group

While on Cedar Lane Property

• The driveway entrance is ONE WAY to the right. Proceed to the right even if you intend to park on the upper deck.

• Remove your trash from the lecture space and remember to take your personal belongings.

Each speaker is our guest, volunteers his or her time, and deserves a respectful and grateful audience.

• Please be seated by 10:00 a.m. when the announcements start. The door will close when announcements are finished; please do not enter when the door is closed.

• The meeting will end promptly at 11:00 a.m. Please do not leave before the final word (barring emergencies or a childcare issue).

• Our lecture time and space is a cell-free zone. Please silence your phone!

• Be mindful that your actions distract those seated around you. No handwork, please.

• Limit yourself to one question without personal anecdotes. We want time for a lot of participation.

Your participation

• Sign up for snacks at least twice each term. Arrive by 9:20 a.m. with your snack, so that everything is set up by 9:30 a.m.

• Fill out your directory registration within the first 4 meetings. WMG does NOT share the directory with any third party, and no one is authorized to use this information for anything other than personal or WMG purposes without the express written consent of the chair.

• Sign up for Meet A Member.

• Sign up to write a recap for the WMG Journal. A sign-up sheet will be circulated.

• Guests are not permitted during the first few meetings of the year; an announcement will be made when guests are welcome. Guests may come twice a year. Parents, spouses, and adult children are free. Other guests may come a $5 fee per session.

We do not meet if Montgomery County Public Schools are delayed or cancelled. Efforts will be made to send out a reminder; however, it is your responsibility to check. We will re-book the speaker.

• VOLUNTEER! We are a volunteer organization and we need you! Contact the chair at lgforman@gmail.com to learn more.

• Attend our fabulous social opportunities throughout the year: new member tea, winter brunch fest, a Cinco de Mayo bash, theatre trips, hikes, etc. Get to know other members outside of the lecture time.

Babies and the Co-op

• Babies under 4 months are welcome in the chapel; however, if they make sounds (happy or sad) or have relentless hiccups, take them into the coffee area until they are quieted.

• Each child in the WMG co-op must have a signed registration and release form (available at the treasurer’s desk).

• Guests who wish to use the co-op must obtain prior authorization from the co-op coordinators.

Speaker Selection

• Speaker selection occurs in the spring. There is a meeting open to all members where potential speakers are considered. Member recommendations are welcome. Members do not need to have a relationship with a speaker in advance; many of our “asks” are cold calls. Speakers are not paid.

Learning About WMG

• Go to our website: www.wmgroup.org.

• WMG hosts a voluntary, opt-in listserv. It is an open forum that includes current and former members and serves as an electronic bulletin board. Anyone may post events, requests for referrals, share information, ask questions, etc. by writing an email to WMGBB@yahoo.com. New members will receive an invitation to join the bulletin board. Contact wmginfo@wmgroup.org for more information.

• The WMG Journal contains recaps of the speakers and related information. Find the Journal (formerly known as Newsletter) on the website.