Gardening and Landscape Apps

Gardening and Landscape Apps

Garden Compass Plant

Garden Time Planner

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Garden Manager Plant Alarm


Organic Gardening


House Plants Lite

A large plant database and calendar will help you identify what you would like to plant and when to plant it.

This app is good for figuring out when to plant your herbs and vegetables, giving tips for the best time to harvest your crop. Garden Time Planner provides weather tips for your area, a database chock full of plants, and more.

Koubachi notifies you when to water your plants, give fertilizer, mist the leaves, tells you when it's too hot / cold, too sunny / shady, etc.

NatureGate enables you to identify species in nature easily. Create an account, download the free Flower Identification Tool and begin identifying over 700 species.

This application shows you galleries of beautiful landscaping ideas, designs and decorations.

This app is an essential gardening tool

Organic gardening videos show you how to grow an organic vegetable garden, how to make compost, how to create a raised bed vegetable garden, etc.

Watering, humidifying, fertilizer, transplanting --- Houseplants will remind you of these events.