Childcare Information

Your Co-Op Obligation

The WMG Co-op relies on your commitment in order for the co-op to operate safely and successfully. It is critical that you take this responsibility seriously and follow these guidelines.

Each co-op member is usually scheduled to babysit three times per term.

You are expected to ARRIVE by 9:30 am on these dates, and you are expected to stay until all children are claimed.

You are responsible for finding your replacement if you are unable to babysit on your scheduled date(s). It is important that you find a replacement as soon as you know that you are unavailable.

To report replacements, or in case of emergency, contact the Parent Contact as soon as possible at:

If you do not notify the Parent Contact of your changes, or if your replacement fails to show, you will be held responsible.

About Our Co-op Childcare

Please note that babysitting is based on availability due to Maryland state guidelines regarding caregiver/child ratios.

In order to participate in co-op childcare at WMG, you must complete the Childcare Registration form found here.

Where: The WMG child care rooms are located on the lower level of the church, which is stroller-accessible from the parking lot behind the church. Parking is also available in the upper parking lot; simply take the inside stairs to the lower level.

When: The rooms are open from 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Please pick up your child[ren] promptly after the lecture finishes. If there are book signings or post-lecture discussions, we ask that you retrieve your child[ren] BEFORE attending these events.

Age Range: The WMG Childcare is for children ages four months to 5 years. Younger children are invited to attend lectures with their parent. We currently use four rooms and separate the children based on age into groups that range from infant to preschool age children. Each room has a sign stating the recommended age ranges. Please observe the guidelines so that your child can receive age-appropriate care, toys and entertainment.

Caregivers and Room Ratios: The number of caregivers per room will be equal to, or better than, Maryland state guidelines for each age range. Sign-in sheets will list the maximum number of children permitted in each room. Please help maintain the ratios by observing the room limits; do not leave your child in a room that is full. The WMG co-op provides a safe and happy environment for our children. It is important, however, to understand that the co-op is neither licensed nor regulated.

General Procedures

  • You must sign each child IN AND OUT of each room, each time. Use the sign-in sheet to list allergies, special instructions, etc.
  • Please use masking tape to identify all children and their belongings.
  • Alert the sitters to special instructions; i.e., food allergies: label your child "No Food."
  • Snacks (cheese crackers, animal crackers, etc.) and juice are provided in the toddler and preschool rooms.
  • For infants, parents must bring drink, snacks, and diapers/wipes. For toddlers, please provide a "sippy" cup labeled with your child’s name. Please freshly diaper your child before attending the lecture.