Important Info

WMG Meeting Details

  • The Cedar Lane driveway/entrance is ONE WAY. Please be sure to proceed to the right even if you intend to park on the left side/upper deck.

  • EVERY member should sign up to bring snacks at least two times per semester. A snack binder will be circulated and will remain available at the treasurers’ table. Please arrive by 9:20 am with your snack so that everything is set up by 9:30 am.

  • Babies under four months are welcome in the chapel; however, if they make sounds (happy or sad) or have relentless hiccups, please take them into the coffee area until they are quiet.

  • Speaker selection occurs annually in the spring. There is a meeting open to all members at which potential speakers are discussed. Members do not need to have a relationship with a speaker in order to procure him or her; many are approached as "cold calls." Our speakers are not paid, and any member may recommend a speaker.

  • WMG maintains a voluntary opt-in listserv. It is an open forum that includes current and former members and serves as an electronic bulletin board. Anyone may post events, requests for referrals, further discussion about speakers and general information sharing by typing an email and addressing it to

  • Our directory is a wonderful way to get to know our membership; be sure to submit your information within the first four meetings. WMG does not provide directory information to any third party, and no one is authorized to use this information for anything other than personal or WMG purposes without the express written consent of the Chair.

  • Want to get involved in planning and administration because volunteering is every organization's biggest strength? Contact WMG for opportunities.

  • WMG plans some wonderful events throughout the year. We host a holiday party and a Cinco de Mayo fiesta and new member teas. This is a wonderful way to get to know WMGers outside the chapel! Remember to mark your calendars the moment an announcement is made.

As a courtesy to our speakers, please remember to:

  • be seated at 10:00 am when announcements begin

  • turn off cell phones

  • limit yourself to one question without personal anecdotes

  • not do handiwork (knitting, needlepoint, etc.) while the speaker is talking

  • remain until the end of the lecture unless you have an emergency or a childcare issue

  • dispose of any food or drink trash at the conclusion of the lecture

  • remember that the speakers are our guests; we need to offer them our respect

WMG Articles of Association

Click here to review The Wednesday Morning Group Articles of Association. Take a look at the WMG Bylaws.

WMG Annual Meeting

All members are welcome to attend the annual meeting. The Wednesday Morning Group annual meeting was held on May 27, 2020. Click here to read the minutes from this meeting.