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Keep your brain agile, just like your body!  Challenges your brain with scientific games. Clean graphics to please a more adult aesthetic.
   Flow A puzzle game with attractive graphics as well as unusually pleasant sounds.  Although not billed as a  brain training game, it certainly is --- especially as you get to higher levels.

  Bubble Ball
A puzzle game in the style of Rube Goldberg.  Arrange the objects provided to you in such a way that the dropping ball will roll clear to the finish line.

  Cut the RopeA puzzle game wherein the little "Om-Nom" swings on ropes which you must cut at just the right moment for him to swing or float to his goal.

  Jelly Splash
A puzzle game wherein you strategically connect the most jellies of the same color for the highest score.
  Words with Friends
Similar to Scrabble. This is a turn-based game: play with people you know, or be randomly assigned an anonymous game partner.  If you play via Facebook, others will see your ranking.
 Draw Something

Similar to Pictionary. This is a turn-based game: play with people you know or be randomly assigned an anonymous game partner.
Forge of Neon

Is it a game, or is it art?  There is no goal other than to make fascinating glowing and pulsing images with your finger.

Temple Run and
Subway Surfer

Escape from giant apes chasing you through a Mayan ruin, or avoid oncoming subway cars: these two games are situationally different but have very similar screen maneuvers to turn side to side, jump, or slide under objects.
Walking Dead -
Escape from Zombies!

This interactive role-playing game is based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series The Walking Dead.  The plot will change as you choose dialogue in response to characters speaking to you or as you choose to take different actions in intense situations.  You must live with the consequences of your actions.
Flappy Bird

Graphically unsophisticated, yet surprisingly hard, tap the screen faster or slower to make your flappy bird float higher or lower to navigate obstacles.  A game with a cult following (middle schoolers will tell each other their flappy bird score), it made the news because it was suddenly no longer available on the App store. WMG exclusive: attendees played it just so they could say they had, thereby making us all much cooler :)