Diet and Fitness Apps

Low Fat Recipes Free cookbook with a large recipe database; includes  options for every dietary requirement
My Diet Coach Acts as a supportive friend to motivate you to remain committed to losing weight with personalized reminders such as "drink water" or "prepare a healthy lunch."
MyFitnessPal Add personal stats like height, weight, age, and gender, and the app will work out how many calories you can consume each day to reach your target weight
Nutrino Builds a personalized menu based on how many calories you should be eating to reach your goal, what foods you like to eat, etc. Builds a shopping list; ability to share your progress via social media
Superfoods Offers a series of mini-articles to give you knowledge about individual superfoods and their specific benefits
Weightbot Record your weight each day and plot your progress; calculates body mass.
Mobile App
Extensive library of foods gives a Weight Watchers point value for each entry and calculates your daily point allowance and points remaining.  Many features only work
with paid online subscription to WW.